# 36

I am officially old. Yes, O-L-D. I wonder when other people hit this realization and how they felt. For me it went a little something like this...

We're headed to dinner and some asshole went flying past us.

"Holy shit, that guy is speeding... and was that his music? It was way too loud..." Realizing mid-sentence what I was saying and what it really meant, I tried to justify "... I mean, his system sounds totally shitty."

How do you justify being old. In an act to pretend to be young and hip I cranked up the radio. I winced and immediately turned it back down, it was on talk radio...



  1. I have talk radio on all the time, because if I turn on "regular" radio I always say "WTf is this?" Seriously who the F is Justin Beber? Is he from American Idol, cuz I don't watch that either. Cheers to getting old!

  2. Didn't know if you knew I moved.. I'm trying to move all my old peeps... happy blogging

  3. Old is just relative...
    The Earth that's old!


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